18th Annual Día de Los Muertos Altar Virtual Exhibit

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Brief Overview

This virtual exhibit honors the legacy of inspiring and empowering students to learn more about the Mesoamerican cultural roots and traditions of ofrendas or altares to present day folklore, rituals, and customs. The CS 54 course was uniquely guided by their instructor and the assignment was contextualized based on the student learning outcomes and goals of the class. The CS 54 course and Chicana/o/x Studies faculty members came together to create this virtual exhibit and you can experience the unique approach of each altarista’s journey in creating their ofrendas by clicking on each link:

We are extremely proud and grateful to each student and professor altaristas that dedicated so much time, research, and heartfelt sentiments in sharing their work virtually online – ensuring that the legacy of ofrendas continues to humbly guide us in staying grounded with our ancestral past while celebrating the life of so many beautiful people that inspire us!

Image Source: Internet search 2021 for educational purposes.

Guided by their teaching pedagogies, community experience, and commitment to student success, these 3 professors met to organize a virtual Student Altar exhibit. Normally Professor Angelita Rovero’s Students in the CS 54 class build these altares and create an exhibit in the Vincent Art Price Museum, but it is currently closed and we are all teaching distance learning classes. Hence we wanted to continue this campus tradition that started at ELAC with students and community coming together 18 years ago. To appreciate and honor all the students that have participated in this rich tradition that started with the CS 62 Religion in Mesoamerica course- and then later on with Mexican American Arts in American Culture, we have started an archive highlighting some of the student altar projects and festivals throughout the years!

Thank you to Professor Angelita Rovero for strategically expanding this educational experience and 18 year legacy to a virtual platform that facilitated a collaboration of approximately 20 students! Thank you to Professor Haydee Urita-Lopez for starting the Student Altar archive. In addition, both Professor Lucila Chavez and Haydee Urita-Lopez are thanked for their countless hours in creating and web-designing this “virtual museum” that helps to highlight all the students that worked on this assignment.

This innovative online collaboration has allowed for students to engage in a new virtual format, allowing them to still feel connected with the campus and their learning communities. All while working on a meaningful project that has personally and academically prepared them for success in their college journey.

We are also grateful to ELAC Chicana/o Studies Department Chair Beatriz Tapia, Dean James “Jimmy” Kenny, and the entire faculty and staff at ELAC, and VPAM for supporting our students and community of virtual learning on this 18th Annual Día de Los Muertos Student Altar Virtual Exhibit!

Que Viva la Vida!,

Image Source: Internet search 2021 for educational purposes.


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