CS 47 Altares

Historical Figure


Nuestras Antepasadas


Chicana/o/x Studies 47: The Mexican-American Woman in Society, Professor Lucila Chavez
Email: ChavezL@elac.edu

This course provides students with a basic understanding of the Chicana in contemporary society with a focus on establishing a theoretical framework to help students examine the historical development and contemporary experiences of Chicanas in the United States.

For the herstory altar project students had an opportunity to become
familiar with history research methods, apply these to their own herstories/histories/ourstories, and to construct narratives documenting untold and undertold stories of Mexicanas and Chicanas. Students conducted interview(s), research and developed an altar and presentation focusing on the life of a woman in their family or a Mexicana/Chicana historical figure. For this virtual exhibition, students submitted photographs and a video with a biography and explanation of their altars.

We hope you enjoy learning about the long line of mujeres that have helped us to recognize our own ability to take action and shape the world we live in today!